*Special 2 & 1/2 hr long set!*
David Harness (Harlum Muziq and Taboo)

And the Sunset crew:

And resident Peter Blick (Public Works/Peoplewatch)

In the Oddjob Loft:
Sean Murray (renegadesound/hustle, reno nv)
J Hazen (Naked On The Moon, Strategik) 
Whiskey Devil (FnF, Want It!)
Gowenauf (Want It!)
Special grrl on grrl set by:
DJ Chai & Mo Corleone (Want It!, Ambient Mafia)

Chill Room hosted by the Ambient Mafia:
Fllow (fllow.net)
Redstickman (:am/BTx)
Shane (:am/FnF)
Speakeasy Ray (:am/Hope Chest)
The Captain (:am/stargaze)

Sexy performances by:
Kitty Von Quim
Mickey Finn and Dante DeMoan of the Rebel Kings
The Electrodolls